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Photo Gallery - P&P Mensa Events, 2008

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We hope you enjoy the followin photos taken at various Plains and Peaks Mensa events. Mensa is more fun when you jump in and participate. We'd love to see you at an upcoming event. Check out the calendar for this month's activities!

Sandy & Jen at the big cats sanctuary
Sandy & Jen at BCCS

Windy, Brian & Mike at Kura
Windy, Brian & Mike at Kura
Poker night
The kid's table.
Dave at mensa poker night
Steel-eyed, poker face Dave

more poker
See, my 6 and 7 of clubs beats your 4 kings!

poker night
Celebrity guest Garth Brooks posing as 7-card stud, Eddie!

poker night
I'm betting it all!

poker night
I think I can make change for that.

poker night
...and it was this big!
Mike and Sandy at Rocco's
Sandy & Rent-a-Mike at Rocco's
Windy at Rocco's
Windy at Rocco's
Fine Arts Center
The Feb 2008 Main Monthly Meeting at the Fine Arts Center

Ultimate Saturday Supper
Jen @ USS
Jen and Dave at USS
Jen & Dave at the Ultimate Saturday Supper (1/08)
Cathalene & Delbert at USS
Cathalene & Delbert @ USS - Famous Daves BBQ

Culture Quest
Culture Quest 2008
Culture Quest
Culture Quest 2008
Culture Quest
Culture Quest 2008

Culture Quest
Culture Quest 2008
Culture Quest
Culture Quest 2008
Kathy & Connor enjoy USS at Sonterra Grill
Kathy & Connor at Sonterra

USS at Sonterra Grill
Ultimate Saturay Supper at Sonterra Grill

Dave and Jen at Ultimate Saturday Supper
Dave & Jen at USS

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