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Photo Gallery - P&P Mensa Events, 2009

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Here are some photos from Colorado Springs area Mensa events in 2009.

We held our annual Holiday Party at the Stagecoach Inn again this year.

Mike & Sandy
Mike & Sandy @ 2009 Holiday Party
Connor with his trophy
Art, Jim & Vera
Art, Jim and Vera
Connie & RC
Connie and RC
Jim as Rudolph
Andrew & Victoria
Andrew and Victoria
Jen & Dave
Jen and Dave
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Led by Dave S. and Jen O., Mike, Sandy, Dana and Windy set out to locate “caches” hidden in Cheyenne Mountain State Park. For more information on geocaching, contact Dave S. or go to
Jen, Sandy, Dave & Dana. (Mike is hiding behind Sandy.)
A small cache full of "treasures"
Dave signs the log book while Sandy looks on.

We saw several of these guys while hiking around the park.

Dave logs our list of finds at Cheyenne Mt. State Park.

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