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Photo Gallery - More P&P Mensa Events, 2008

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For a small group we sure do keep busy. Here are more photos from Colorado Springs area Mensa events in 2008.

Led by Dave S. and Jen O., Mike, Sandy and Susan learned how to use their GPS receivers to discover “caches” hidden in Black Forest Regional Park.  The tromp through the woods was enjoyable, as the weather was cooperative and the terrain very friendly.  We all signed all our geocaching finds – albeit a week after Sean, who could not make it with the Mensa group, so he ventured out a week early to discover those very same caches and leave notes for us!!  For more information on geocaching, contact Dave S. or go to

Dave, Jen, Mike & Susan
through the trees
Dave, Jen, Sandy & Mike
geocaching in black forest colorado
Geocaching in Black Forest

For the July Main Monthly Meeting, about 20 of us visited Dr. Mark Seward, world-renown expert on Gila monsters.  Dr. Seward gave a short talk about Gilas (their environment, feeding, mating, etc) then showed us his lab, where about 80 Gila monsters and at least one Mexican beaded lizard reside.  We got to view both a young Gila and an adult Gila up close, and from a little further away, the Mexican beaded lizard.  It was a great meeting and our thanks to Dr. Seward for hosting us.

Giant Gila Monsters!
A poster in Dr. Seward's Lab.
Mexican beaded lizard
Mexican Beaded Lizard
Dr. Seward - Gila monster expert
Dr. Seward

A young gila monster
Dr. Seward holds a young gila.
adult gila monster
Dr. Seward and an adult gila.
Dr. Seward
Dr. Seward shows artifacts to a young visitor.

Jen & Dave
Jen & Dave at the 2008 AG in Denver.

Cathalene & Delbert
Cathalene & Delbert at the 2008 AG.
Betsy @ the AG
PlainsPeaking editor, Betsy, at the 2008 AG.
Aspen Apothecary
Windy's soap booth at the Mensa Marketplace

Jen Browning at the AG
2nd VP for Membership, Jen Browning, at the AG.
Windy & our PRP Owl
Windy, the webmistress of our award-winning website. (Best overall presentation)

Local Mensans at the paint mines
P & P Mensans at the Paint Mines

June 2008 Main Monthly Meeting
Paint Mines - June 2008
Main Monthly Meeting
Paint Mines
paint mines in Calhan
Paint Mines

paint mines
Paint Mines
paint mines
Paint Mines
Indian Paint Brush at the paint mines in Calhan
Indian Paint Brush

a horned toad
Horned Toad
a red-winged black bird
Red-Winged Black Bird

Do you have a great photo of a Mensa event or of yourself and fellow Mensans doing something smart, fun, or otherwise entertaining? Send your photos to the webmaster and we'll post them here.

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